Watership Down: The Roundabout


This episode is The Roundabout. The words will make you out and out.


Hawkbit and Dandelion are at the farm pulling up turnips Mario Bros 2 style yo. In the last episode they stole food from here there was a fence but now the field is fenceless. We know it isn’t a different farm because that one dog is there. Usually he is tied up but now he isn’t. Other slight differences in how locations are depicted in this episode compared to previous episodes will be noted as needed.

The dog notices Hawkbit and Dandelion stealing from his garden and is pissed off. Luckily the two bunnies escape. Hawkbit is bummed because they only managed to steal one turnip which he thinks is not very much. Despite thinking it was a small haul Hawkbit feels no shame in asking Keehar to carry it back to Watership Down. That lazy bastard!


We transition to Cowslip’s Warren where a rabbit named Hickory points out more of their people are being killed by the shining wire. Hickory is the yellow one with the big nose. The orange one next to him is Marigold who is also a character now. Hickory thinks they need to follow Strawberry’s example and hit the ricky road. Cowslip comes by and says “Sharing flara, and secrets are we friends?” then he starts eating the food really slowly while starring them down. I like Cowslip because he sounds like what I imagine I would sound like if I was asked to provide the voice of a lion with a British accent.

With that plot started we go back to Watership Down. Dandelion and Hawkbit find Pipkin is eating their turnip. Thats what you get for being lazy. Instant karma bitches. Hawkbit says if Pipkin wants a turnip he should get his own, but Hazel points out that Pipkin cannot safely leave the warren because there are orders from Efrafa to smoke his punk ass. So Pipkin gets the turnip, while Hawkbit and Dandelion who did the work get nothing. The turnip is bigger then Pipkin’s head so it wouldn’t be much of an issue for him to eat some and share the rest, but nope, Pipkin gets it all.  Doesn’t matter, this entire turnip scene only exists to establish that Pipkin can’t leave the warren so we can have a plot about him wanting to leave the warren.

The Down sends out a patrol who find Hickory and his lady Marigold cruising in their hood.Looks like leaving Cowslip’s warren was pretty easy. They also found Watership Down alot quicker then Efrafa. The two are given an ocular pat-down, deemed to not be a threat, and are taken to Watership Down.


Pipkin is bummed because he wasn’t allowed to go on the patrol and instead has to stay back and talk to Keehar and Hannah. Nobody wants to be forced to talk to keehar and Hannah. He expresses that he feels the others are treating him like a baby by whining in a high pitched voice how he isn’t a baby. Pipkin is acting like T.K. from Digimon. He was always complaining about being treated like he was useless but all he ever did was cry and not let Patamon Digivolve even though Angemon killed everybody he fought in one hit. Unlike T.K. Pipkin doesn’t feel the need to bury his head into anybody’s crotch when he feels the need to cry.

According to the ten year old Fortunecity site I took this picture form the term is crotching. I remember reading that site once upon a time and finding it funny, but I could never find it again. Thankfully because I did a Google image search for “T.K. crotch” I was able to find it again. Now I need to clear my search history before I have to explain that search to anybody.

Hickory and Marigold journeyed to Watership Down so they can learn how to live like wild animals. Their ultimate goal is to start a warren of their own with refugees from Cowslip’s warren but first they want to relearn how to survive independently. Remember, at their current warren a man brings them food and keeps away predators so they never have to do anything. Its not an easy task starting a new warren but the Downers see this as an idea to create a friendly neighbor who can help against Efrafa. Redstone is suggested as a place for them to settle in.

Pipkin wants to come help. He can teach them how to talk to the other animals. Hazel says no. Its kind of dumb that they won’t let Pipkin go do stuff out of fear of Efrafa killing him. Its not like Efrafa won’t kill every other rabbit from Watership Down if they happen to get captured. Pipkin escaping Efrafa makes him one of the most experienced rabbits they got.  If Hawkbit got captured the only way he’d survive is if Woundwort suddenly decided he liked getting his dick sucked by Hawkbit. Keehar suggests that since Pipkin is being treated like a baby that he act even more like a baby as a big F U to the other rabbits, although if Keehar actually said that it would sound more like  EEEEVVVVV UUUUUUU and he would be screaming. Pipkin likes this idea because he is bored. He’s a rabbit. If he’s stuck at home all day its not like he can watch Maury or jerk off to internet porn. He’s gotta get his thrills somewhere.

Hickory and Marigold return to Cowslip’s Warren to give news of their adventure. They hope Cowslip doesn’t suspect anything but Cowslip is watching them from the bushes.

Why is Cowslip watching them from the bushes? Because he’s a giant pervert thats why.

The next day, I guess, Hawkbit and Dandelion show Hickory and Marigold Redstone. Hawkbit calls it a rat hole but the others are just pumped to not be living someplace surrounded by snares. Too bad nobody told them Redstone is haunted.

At the down Pipkin is acting like a small child. He is also acting like an asshole.
Hawkbit is teaching Hickory and Marigold how to run from a fox but is being a real dick about it. Then Dandelion tells a story about El-ahrairah. El-ahrairah and his people live above ground and keep getting eaten. They go to Prince Rainbow who tells them to go talk to Frith. This is like Shenmu. Ever notice how in Shenmu you spend 90% of your time going to see somebody who tells you to go talk to somebody else. The other 10% of the time is forklift racing.

El-elera asks for wisdom and Frifth tells him he must earn it by jumping over a hole. Which he does. This is why rabbits live underground. This is suppose to somehow tie into the saying “Who dares wins” which was invented by the Winston Churchill to motivate his kamikaze pilots but on the show they claim Bigwig coined the phrase.

Dandelion is asked if he ever dared and won and he tells the story of the time he went into a garage, but he says the word hrududu a bunch of times because that’s what rabbits call cars. Its  a dumb word but give them a break, they’re rabbits.

At the Down Pipkin interrupts Bigwigs nap because he is still acting like an asshole.

Hickory and Marigold decide to face down some hrududus so that they can be brave like Dandelion. This just goes to show how naive these two are. Nobody wants to be like Dandelion, he’s the Uncle Joey of rabbits. This adventure ends with Hickory almost getting run over and then stuck in the middle of a roundabout. I bet you forgot that was the title of the episode. Dandelion, Hawkbit, and Keehar come by and find that Hickory is stuck. Keehar goes to get Hazel because he knows Hawkbit and Dandelion aren’t going to be able to handle this situation.


Pipkin continues to be a dick to Bigwig who is now considering murder.

Keehar shows up and gives everybody the skinny. Pipkin wants in on the rescue but Bigwig says no due to Pipkin’s recent behavior. This leads to Pipkin explaining he was only acting like a giant pussy as a protest to how he was being treated. Then he makes the same argument I did earlier about how Efrafa wants to murder kill all of them so it makes no sense for just him to be under extra protection. Hazel and Bigwig are like “whatevs” and Pipkin is allowed to come with them. Fiver shows up as well. Not Blackberry though, fuck that bitch.

At the roundabout Hickory is still refusing to run. Nearby there is a pond with geese in it. Apparently farm geese don’t fly, so Hannah proposes that Pipkin ask them how they get across the road. Remember,Pipkin is Tarzan friend to all the animals. The geese say the hrududus stop for them when they awalk across as a group, so Pipkin says they should all go at once. It works because no motorist is going to want to clean the blood of five rabbits off his car.


Pipkin has proven his worth. He is truly higher on the totem pole then Hawkbit and Dandelion.

The episode closes with Marigold and Hickory saying they are going to return to Cowslip’s warren to tell the others what they have learned. Then they will sneak off again in the future to get more lessons when its convenient for the plot. Hazel remarks how those two risk everything for freedom yet question they aren’t brave enough. Truly a wise observation. The lesson of the episode is that it takes risk to get rewards but its kind of hard to pick up because they way they say it sure is roundabout.


Rating: 7/10

Kind of a weird episode really. The pacing is odd with the roundabout problem appearing when the episode was almost over and being solved very quickly. Aside from that there was no real direct conflict. Just a bunch of stuff happening. Usually that would be a bad sign, but it works here, sort of. The episode is really nothing more then the writers showing the aftermath of Pipkin’s capture and starting on the plot about reestablishing Redstone which will be important later on. Roundabout isn’t really meant to be its own episode, it only exists to serve past and future episodes. That said its still pretty entertaining what with rarely seen characters like Strawberry, Blackberry, and the always creepily eccentric Cowslip showing up to do things, an El-elera story, and many scenes of Pipkin acting like a dick  to Bigwig. Its not the most important episode but it serves as a good transition point and is way better then the dumb going to the ocean two parter we have coming up.