Watership Down: The Stand

So the other day I felt the need to change my avatar picture on the Friendship is Magic forum I frequent when I encountered my first Watership Down: The Animated Series Rule 34 picture. It was Fiver and Pipkin and featured realistic looking genitals. So many Rule 34 pictures over exaggerate the genitals or make them resemble human genitals even if they characters are animals. I am know going to think long and hard about the many bad decisions I have made in my life that have led me to write this paragraph.

This episode is called The Stand. I don’t think I’m going to make any jokes comparing it to the book The Stand. I love Stephan King and some parts of that book were good but overall it was long and boring. The ending was also really shitty, not that I have to really say that considering it is a Stephan King book. Watership Down: The Novel is mentioned several times in The Stand. In The Wastelands King references the book Shardik. All he needs to do now is mention The Plague Dogs in one of  his books and he will have hit all the Richard Adams stories that are good and also Shardik.


Today is the day that Hickory and Marigold move to a new warren. The Downers are on hand to help with leaving Cowslip’s warren. Cowslip may be a dandy but he is persuasive and rules through fear so the other bunnies need support on hand. While flying over heard  Hannah sarcastically says Cowslip’s Warren looks like a peaceful place. Kehaar says big water also looks like a peaceful place but underneath there are giant monsters that eat you. I have no idea what he is implying. Are there sharks off the coast of England that eat seagulls? I’ve heard about sturgeon eating ducks before, but that was in a collection of fly fishing comics I found at my family’s cottage one weekend when it wouldn’t stop raining and I was really bored.

The group approaches and the lines are drawn. Remember the X-Men cartoon where the theme song was kick ass and at one part the good guys and bad guys line up and run at each other like the most awesome game of Red Rover  is starting up? Thats what  is happening in this scene. Cowslip protest members of his warren defecting but Bigwig literally tells him to shut it and knocks him over. Captain Broom tries to tell him that they don’t need to get violent and Bigwig threatens to murder Cowslip. I love that reaction, team mate tells you to tone it down so you threaten to murder a different person. The rabbits who have agreed to defect are gathered and led away. Cowslip tries to call them back but fails. With a look of superior contempt on his face he says “They don’t turn away from the shining wire so easily” as the scene fades out.

A quick scene in Efrafa shows some rabbits running and getting chased by guards. Then we go back to the Downers and the newly freed rabbits from Cowslip’s warren. Marigold and Hickory are showing the new rabbits a few tricks, like how to hide from predators or where to get pizzas for five dollars without waiting. Cowslip is shown following from a distance. Kind of like when I see a group of girls at the beach. Back to Efrafa, Woundwort declares that they need to clamp down, as runners encourage other runners. Campion points out that the rabbits are running because they are hungry and being oppressed. Woundwort disagrees, he thinks they run because they have someplace to run to and if hunger wins over fear then the levels of fear being distributed are not high enough, so clamping down is what is needed.

At Redstone it is established that Primrose, Captain Broom and Bigwig are going to hang about to make sure the new friendly neighbor rabbits aren’t immediately killed. Hazel says he has to go meet with Campion. I’m not sure what Fiver is going to do. I assume he will return to Watership Down to bang Pipkin. Cowslip is acting like me at prom and watching from a distance.

Vervain leads a squad after the runners. They catch the runners but also come upon Cowslip who despite pointing out he is a chief is also captured.

Fiver has a vision of where he says that enemies are about to unite. He says it with more rhyming. Bigwig explains to Hickory that Fiver has “funny turns” where he sees the future as if that is the most mundane thing ever. I have a greater sense of wonderment in my voice when I describe episodes of Law and Order:SVU to people at parties. Fiver doesn’t know what his vision means. Hey Fiver, you guys have two enemies and your vision was about two enemies uniting. Think about it for a second.

Cowslip is brought to meet Woundwort and he totally gives Woundwort shit. Like, Woundwort asks Cowslip why he was out by the river and Cowslip says he was coming back from Woundwort’s mothers house, where they were engaging in sex. Cowslip also implies Wouldnwort’s girlfriend also would have sex with him. Woundwort decides to throw Cowslip in the slave squad. Too bad he didn’t say Slave I cause that would mean some bad ass bounty hunting adventures. Cowslip gets out of this pickle by saying he can deliver Hazel.

Hazel is waiting for Campion to show up but Campion has totally stood him up. Oh man, what if Campion is two timing Hazel? Maybe he has a younger h0tter warren he is helping battle Efrafa? Not cool girl friend.

In Efrafa Cowslip observes that Woundwort’s people are weak and scared. He says his people are happy, believe every word he says, and came in third place last softball season. Vervain suggests that getting some of Cowslip’s large bunnies might be desirable. Vervain like them big. Oh yeah. Woundwort and Cowslip go along with this idea of having an exchange. The two of them are playing a political game,  Cowslip is still angling on being let free while Woundwort is trying to get the location of Red Stone. They are acting cordigal even though neither one has any interest in anything but their goal. They are doing this all real political like. Woundwort proposes a feast, but Cowslip insists he must go. This is when he lets it slip that the downers are at Red Stone right now! Woundwort asks Cowslip when he was going to mention this and Cowslip says when he knew what his fate was going to be. Cowslip is one slippery bugger.

Hanging outside of Redstone that night Fiver gets another vision. He sees the  Black Rabbit of Inle formed out of the stars and says “A warning comes from the lone and the brave, the one who saves us is the one we can’t save.” This time he is able to figure out that the black rabbit is coming for somebody, but he doesn’t know who. Fiver is annoyed that he doesn’t understand his visions or why they make him lose control of his bowels.

We transition to Campion. Foreshadowing! He meets up with Hazel and gives the shinny on the attack at Redstone. Hazle mentions that Primrose is there and you can practically see Campion get a boner. Hazel leaves the scene. Kehaar sensing Campion’s loneliness decides to hangs around even though Campion obviously doesn’t want him around. Kehaar offers to tell Campion about big water. Kehaar says it is big and made out of water. Hey, I made that joke in March.

Campion’s leaving of Efrafa is noticed by Vervain and Woundwort. Woundwort declares that Campion is to be arrested for dereliction of duty. They then move out to conquer Redstone. Campion returns not long after and is put under arrest. Campion tries to get out of the arrest by claiming he needs to find Woundwort and give him some important secret info, so secret he can’t tell them and is totally not made up. When this fails to work Campion comes up with a better plan, knock his arresters over and run away. Campion is now a runner and is being pursued

Hazel is pinned down by an owl and unable to travel to Redstone. Kehaar gets rid of the owl by yelling racial slurs at him.

Hmmm, where have I seen this before?


Campion gets to Redstone and tells them that Woundwort is coming. Bigwig evacuates all the new rabbits while Primrose makes a comment about how Campion risked his life to save all of them. Campion says he did it for her. Awkward. Campion is in like the ultimate friendzone. Here he is betraying his home for a chick who is dating somebody else. Campion either needs to move on to a new chick or get a raping.

At dawn Woundwort’s attack party attacks the place they planned on attacking with their mighty attacks. The attacks however are short attacked as their is nobody to attack. The place is emptier then a K-Mart but their is evidence that rabbits had recently been in the vicinity. The Efrafans see evidence of tracks as well as empty Hot N Ready boxes that are still warm.

Captain Broom comes out and acts like he did in the episode where he was introduced, talking about how everybody died from the great sickness. Its always the great something with this guys. Woundwort runs off fearing spreading the plague. He and Vervain come to the conclusion that Cowslip set them up to get sick. Woundwort wants to taste glorious battle, but beating up a sick old man is too low even for him so he leads the attack party to attack Cowslip.

The Downers joke about how Woundwort is going into the heavily snared area much to Campion’s shock. Woundwort is still his chief. Also thats pretty cold. “Haha, they are going to be strangled to death. LOL most of them aren’t even evil, they were just following orders to avoid being beaten to death.” Campion gets to Cowslip’s warren before anybody gets snared and warns them. Campion is really good at getting places before Woundwort in this episode. Vervain points out how Campion just showed up is very funny but not funny “ha ha” but funny “very suspicious”like the comedy of Lisa Lampanelli. Campion is arrested and Vervain promises to make him talk “one way or another.”

Closing the episode is Primrose and Hazel musing how the one who cannot be saved mentioned in Fiver’s vision was Campion. They wonder if the black rabbit is coming for him. Hazel says he will find a way to save Campion but Primrose says nobody can stop the black rabbit… no one, then there is lightning and thunder because Watership Down:The Animated Series knows how to set a mood yo.

 Rating 7/10

Not a bad episode. Broom getting rid of Woundwort was clever and there is a lot of story development. Woundwort and Cowslip will have more interactions in the future and Campion being arrested is certainly an interesting development. I lowered the grade a couple of points because I have been working on this review for almost a month now. Its just been sitting around part way done forever. It can’t be that great if it couldn’t keep my interest better.