Welcome. Come In and Find Your Porpoise

Welcome to Porpoise of Life, from the people who brought you Boycott the Caf, but got sick of Degrassi: the Next Generation. So we’ve started a new website! Billie, Johnny and Ruthie are all here.

We’re still working on building this new place. Believe me, it’s just a matter of time before we expand outside of reviewing kids’ shows. Just you wait.

Here’s what we have for day one:

  1. An article addressing abuse of one of the characters of My Little Pony.
  2. A review of the Glee episode “Pot O Gold”.
  3. The latest mailbag.
  4. A graph explaining the exports of Finland.
  5. A review of the My Little Pony episode “Sonic Rainboom”.

We hope to have some forums here soon, but WordPress is built in such a way that including a message board is a huge pain in the patoot. And yes, we really are done with Degrassi forever. If we have to create an entirely new website to get that point across than we do what we must.

There is no launch party planned. But I had porkchops tonight while watching HGTV, which is all the party I need.

Billie OUT!